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A search of you tube will reveal various methods of replacing the swingarm bearings. The Fungi racing tool has several advantages over other methods and tools:

-The safest way to avoid damage is to use the draw bar method. To ensure durabilty the Fungi Racing tool uses a grade 10.9 drawbar and deep drive nut. Combined with a three part thrust bearing, this enables a large force to be safely applied when extracting and installing bearings .

-The CNC machined components fit perfectly and eliminate the risk of slipping out of posistion and causing damage to the swingarm /bearings, which is the likely to occur when using a hammer and sockets to replace bearings.

-The install drivers have a unique machined 0.5 mm recess. This means the Fungi Racing tool is the only one that can install the new bearing to the exact correct depth as originally installed in the factory. No other tool can do this. All other tools and methods of swingarm bearing renewal have the new bearings being installed flush with the inner shoulder. This is incorrect and is highly likely to result in free play in the swingarm when re-installed back on the motorcycle.

-Over the years KTM have used different sizes of needle roller bearings. Bikes upto 2005 use HK20-- series bearings. Bikes from 2005 to present use HK22-- series bearings. The Fungi Racing tool has CNC machined drivers to extract and install all sizes of needle roller bearings used by KTM.
-The bearing seals are made from a thin metal and need to be installed square to avoid damage. The Fungi Racing tool is also the only tool which has a CNC machined seal driver which is able to install the bearing seals square and to the correct depth without damaging them.

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It is recommended that you only buy genuine KTM bearing kit. They will fit properly, are better made and will last longer. Contact a KTM dealer with your bike details to get the right bearing kit. It will contain everything you need to replace the bearings and seals

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Kit B
1995 to 2005 and 2005 to present.

Kit A
2005 to present.
By Richard Morgan
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The Fungi Racing swingarm bearing tool is able to extract and re-install the swingarm bearings on all adult KTM enduro and motocross motorcycles from 1995 to present.
New version in development be ready in October 2020