Complete Kit for both the
extraction and installation
of KTM wheel bearings
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By far the most effective way to remove the KTM wheel bearings is to use the AK716.V2 collets.
The tool has several unique features:

-The seal driver ensures both the front and rear wheel bearing seals are installed to the correct depth. The seal should only be installed flush with the top of the Hub, never below this level. There are bearing renewal videos online showing the seal being pushed in too far which means the seal won't mate properly with the spacers and allow dirt and water to enter more easily.
-The draw bar and deep drive nut are made from grade 10 high tensile steel. The same grade as engine cylinder head bolts. When combined with the included thrust bearings, this enables a large force to safely transmitted to the extraction/installation of the wheel bearings.
-The biggest problem incurred when installing wheel bearings is making sure they go in square and don't become stuck at an angle, which often occurs when trying to install with a hammer and socket. The wheel bearing drivers eliminate this problem. The bearing is fully supported and prevented from tilting during installation.
-When being installed, equal force is applied to both the inner and outer bearing races by the bearing driver. This eliminates damage to the bearing often caused by accidentally applying all the force to the outer or inner race, usually caused when using a hammer to install the bearings
-The length of the bearing driver means that when the second bearing is being installed, the bearing driver also seats into the wheel spacer tube inside the hub and automatically ensures the wheel spacer is perfectly aligned when the bearing is installed
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The Fungi Racing wheel bearing tool is designed to be both durable for heavy duty workshop use but simple enough to use for home mechanics who have never changed a wheel bearing before. For both front and rear wheel bearings.
The tool will fit all KTM OEM adult enduro and motocross motorcycle wheels from 2004 to present. (Not suitable for SM Pro or Talon Wheels)
A search on "You Tube" will reveal various methods of extracting wheel bearings. Up to 2015 the most popular and cheapest method was to use a drift to punch out the bearing from the other side of the wheel. However after around 2015 KTM started to add a plastic spacer ring in the rear wheel hub which meant using the drift/punch method became a problem.
Click on the you tube logo below to see a useful video of the problem in more detail.
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The wheel bearing tool is
no longer available to purchase
Was a limited production run only